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Question Answers For SSC and UPSC

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Expected Questions For SSC and UPSC Question Answers Questions For Combined Graduate Level (Tier-I) exam 2014

1. How many languages and dialects are spoken by people all over the world?
ANS. 9,000
2. Approximately, how many people speak Chinese language?
ANS. 1 billion
3. The language with the richest vocabulary is:
ANS. English
4. English Language have more than ?? words:
ANS. 4,50,000
5. The oldest Indian language is:
ANS Tamil
6. The only religious book ever printed in a shorthand scripts is:
ANS. The bible
7 The oldest printed work in the world, which dates back to AD 868 is:
ANS. The Hirake Sutra
8. Which of the following in the book/play written by Maithili Sharan Gupt?
ANS. Saket
9. Dhyan Chand was:
A. A great hockey player
B. Captained he Indian hockey team which won a gold medal in 1936 Berlin Olympics
C. Scored 101 goals at the Olympic games and 300 goals in the international matches.
D. All the statements are correct
10. Who developed the small pox vaccination?
ANS. Eduard Jenner
11. Euclid was:
A. Greek mathematician
B. Contributor to the use of deductive principles of logic as the basis of geometry
C. Propounded the geometrical theosems
D. All the statements are correct
12. Who is also known as the ?Lady with the Lamp??
ANS. Florence Nightingale
13. Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit was:
A. A German Physicist
B. Developed the mercury thermometer in 1714
C. Devised temperature scale
D. All are correct
14. Galileo was an Italian astronomer who:
A. Developed the telescope
B. Discovered 4 satellites of Jupiter
C. Discovered that the movement of the pendulum produces a regular time measurement.
D. All are correct
15. The American General who led the revolt against the British & declared American
independence was:
ANS. George Washington
16. Marco Polo
ANS. Traveled three China, India and other parts of Asia
17. Who was first to reach the South Pole?
ANS. Capt. Amundsen
18. Who were the first to circle the moon?
ANS. Frank boreman, Bill Anders and Jim Lovell
19. Badminton is the national sport at:
ANS. Malaysia
20 Agmark act -----------------------1937
21 Go back to vedas---------------SWAMI DAYANAD SARASWATI
22 Signature on 10 Rs. Note----------------Governer of RBI
23 Banker of Banks-- ----------------------RBI
24 Japan Tsunami--------------------------- March 2011
25 Stock market and mutual funds-- -----------SEBI
26 Imperial bank of india---------------State bank of India
27 first ECONOMIC census in india -------------- 1977
28 Minimum age for president------------------35
30 Which state has longest coastline in india------------ Gujrat
31 first women president of INC-- -----------------Annie Basent
32 Decimal system was invented by---------Bhaskra
33 12.1212-17.0002+9.1105)/0.8 = WRONG QUESTION
34 A is the father of D.C is the daughter of B.D is the sister of C.E is brother of A.how is E
related to B
35 Planet nearest to earth----------------VENUS
36 EQuator is the longest lattitude
37 MOTOR Industary----------USA & Germany
38 Biggest Island in indian ocean---------MEDAGASKER
39 MI-5-------Detective zAgency of UK
40 Previous name of WTO--------General aggremant on traffic & trade (GATT)
41 KHILAFAT MOVEMENT-----------ALI BROTHERS (Muhammd & Shaukat ali)
42 First time CEnsus in INdia During------------LORD MAYO
43 Go BACK TO VEDAS-------------Swami Dayanad saraswati
44 8Y=3X-11 find X -----------------X=(8Y+11)/3)
45 A & B's age are in the ratio 3:1. after 15 year the age will bi 2: 1 find present age
ANS: 45 & 15 year
46 find odd one liter meter yard inch
47 4 X 10 ^-5 ans: 0.00004
48 find next KPA,LQB,MRC, NSD, ? ANS: OTE
49 the width of rectengle is 5 inch . if the length is three times of width, find
area of rectengle
ANS: 75
50 seven friends........takes 3/4 .......Minimum Pizza required
ANS: 6
51 oath & affirmation to president---------------Chief Justice of india
52 panchaayti raj--------------73th amendment act
53 major source of constitution---------------Uk
54 Jasmine Revolution may refer to: the 1987 transition of power in Tunisia
55 ARTICLE 25---------------- freedom of propagation of Religion
56 65th amendment act-------national commission for SC/ST
57 optical fiber-----------communication
58 official english language state-------nagaland
59 octroi tax-----------local body tax
60 banaras university---------madan mohan malviy
61 panchtatra---vishnu sharma
62 lohgarh fort- Maharaja Suraj Mal
63 mandal commision-1980
64 first cotton mill set up-----------MUMBHAI
65 who was aryabhatt---------ans: all of these
66 operation black board-related to primary school education
67 . The gas predominantly responsible for global w arning is
Ans: Carbon dioxide
68.innert gas present in the earth's environment..argon
69.CIA director........leon paneta
70.climate type in siberia.....taiga
71.hoticulture suitable for...........Mediterranean type
72.highest rainfal in which........................options philliphines, hawaai,india,west indies
73. green revolution -norman borlogue
74. 1881 INDIA first census is by lord ripon
75. Humidity Measured By--Hygrometer
76. MI-5----British secret agency
77. Julian Assange is the Editor of-- Wikileak
78. Who said “ Good governence can never be the substitute of self governance-- Mahatma
79. Speaker votes in Lok Sabha-- Case of Equality of Votes